GCMA East Midlands

The members named below have indicated their availability to play in the following matches.  All matches are 12 to 16 per side

Norfolk/Anglia Region at Sleaford Golf Club on  11th MaY. 2022

G. Brader, R. Savage,  M. Davis, M.Heath, R. Beckett, A. Thomopson, P. Thornton, R. Wheeldon,          S. Turner, G. Hyde,   THIS MATCH HAS NOW BEEN CANCELLED

Midland Region at Beeston Fields Golf Club on 25th July 2022

G Brader, R. Savage, P, Pownall, M. Heath, R. Beckett, A. Thompson, T. Hartley, D . Dalby, L. Booth S.Shaw, G. Hyde, A. Mee,

Yorkshire Region at Chesterfield Golf Club 1st August 2022

G. Brader, R. Savage P. Pownall, M. Heath, R. Beckett, A. Thompson, S Turner, T. Hartley, G Hyde, 

R.Hall, S. Boyle, F. Tate, A.Mansbridge, A.Mee,

East Coast Classic Whitby Golf Club Friday 18th August.2022

R. Beckett, D. Dalby,  A. Thompson, T.Hartley. (Entered as a Team)

G. Brader, S. Turner, R. Savage, P. Pownall, S Shaw , M. Heath

Norfolk/Anglia Region at Thetford Golf Club on 13th September2022

 G Brader, R. Savage, M. Heath, R. Beckett, A. Thompson, P. Thornton, G. Hyde, R. Hall 

Midland Bowl Trentham Golf Club 5th September Better Ball 4 Man Team

G.Brader, R.Savage. S. Turner R, Beckett, M. Heath, G. Hyde

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