GCMA East Midlands

The members named below have indicated their availability to play in the following matches.  All matches are 12 to 16 per team

Yorkshire Region at Garforth Golf Cub on Monday 21st June. 2021

R. Savage. D. Dalby, N Harris. A. Thompson. R. Beckett, G. Brader, S. Shaw, G. Hyde,

M Heath, C. Hyde. J. Emmerson, B.


Midland Region at  Leamington Spa Golf Club on 29th  July.2021

M. Bonner, R. Savage. N. Harris. A. Thompson. D. Dalby.  R. Beckett. G. Brader,   G. Hyde,   M. Davis, S. Boyle, P. Thornton

Anglia Region at Ely City Golf Club on  7thSeptember. 2021

G. Brader, N. Harris, S Shaw, G Hyde, A. Thompson, L. Booth, S. Williams, P.Pownall,

S. Turner

East Coast Classic Flamborough Golf Club Friday 19th August.2021

R. Beckett, D. Dalby, A. Thompson,T.Hartley. (Entered as a Team)

M, Bonner, M. Davies, M. Heath, R Savage (Entered as a Team)

G. Brader, S. Shaw , S. Turner, N Harris  (Entered as a Team)

Midland Bowl Little Aston Better Ball 4 Man Team

Martyn Bonner, Paul Thornton, Gerry Hyde, Rod Savage.

David Dalby, Graham Brader, Richard Lawrence, Tim Hartley.

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